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IMP-00058 ORA-01461 IMP-00028 ORA-29275 [ character set은 동일하게 하세요 ]
최길호 [LIST]   2009-08-28 02:47:40, 조회 : 34,923

exp KO16KSC5601 NCHAR AL32UTF8
imp KO16KSC5601 NCHAR UTF8

IMP-00058: ORACLE error 1461 encountered
ORA-01461: can bind a LONG value only for insert into a LONG column
IMP-00028: partial import of previous table rolled back: 2679 rows rolled back


doc id: 788156.1 AL32UTF8 / UTF8 (Unicode) Database Character Set Implications
In this Document
  Scope and Application
  AL32UTF8 / UTF8 (Unicode) Database Character Set Implications
     A) Often asked questions:
     A.1) Do I need to use Nchar, Nvarchar2 or Nclob?
     A.2) Does my Operating System need to support Unicode?
     A.3) What are the Unicode charactersets and the Unicode versions in Oracle RDBMS?
     A.4) Is -insert your preferred language here- supported in an Oracle Unicode database?
     B) Server side implications.
     B.1) Storage.
     B.2) How much will my database grow when going to AL32UTF8?
     B.3) Codepoints for characters may change in AL32UTF8.
     B.4) The meaning of SP2-0784, ORA-29275 and ORA-600 [kole_t2u], [34] errors / losing characters when using convert.
     B.5) Going to AL32UTF8 from another characterset.
     B.6) ORA-01401 / ORA-12899 while importing data in an AL32UTF8 database.
     B.6) Object and user names using non-US7ASCII characters.
     B.6) The password of an user can only contain single byte data in 10g and below.
     B.7) When using DBMS_LOB.LOADFROMFILE
     B.8) When using UTL_FILE
     B.9) When using sqlldr or external tables
     B.10) Make sure you do not store "binary" (Encrypted) data in character datatypes (CHAR,VARCHAR2,CLOB).
     B.11) String functions work with characters not byte (length,like,substr ...).
     B.12) LPad and Rpad count in "display units" not characters.
     B.13) Using LIKE and INSTR.
     B.14) Character functions that are returning character values might silently truncate data.
     B.15) Column size triple/quadruple when using Materialized Views / CTAS trough database link.
     B.16) When fetching data from non-AL32UTF8 databases using cursors (PL/SQL)
     B.17) When using HTMLDB.
     B.18) When using non-US7ASCII names in directory's or file names.
     B.19) When using XDB (xmltype).
     C) The Client side.
     C.1) Common misconceptions about NLS_LANG.
     C.2) Configuring your UNIX client to be an UTF8 (Unicode) client.
     C.3) Configuring your Windows client to be an UTF8 (Unicode) client.
     C.4) The default column width of output in sqlplus will change.
     C.5) Configuring your web based client to be a Unicode client.
     C.6) Using Sqlplus to run scripts in UTF-8 encoding
     C.7) Using Oracle Applications.
     C.8) Using Portal.
     C.9) Oracle Forms PDF and Unicode
     C.10) Changing a database to AL32UTF8 hosting an OracleAS 10g Metadata Repository.


제목 작성자 작성일 조회
Troubleshoot  IMP-00058 ORA-01461 IMP-00028 ORA-29275 [ character set은 동일하게 하세요 ]    최길호 2009/08/28 34923
Troubleshoot  windows 2008 64bit 11gR1 imp.exe APPCRASH     최길호 2010/11/03 34920
Troubleshoot  ORA-16038, ORA-00354, ORA-00353, ORA-16014, Archiver process freed from errors. No longer stopped    최길호 2008/06/28 34748
Install and Config  Linux 4U5 MEM: 16G SGA: 8G [ 6시간 삽질 성공기, ORA-27102 ORA-00385 ERROR: Unable to attach to VLM segment WARNING: EINVAL creating segment ]  [2]  최길호 2008/06/29 34672
RAC,OPS  rac 10.2 change public IP , VIP , nic device [ vip evtf.log ( clsrevtf: Invalid resource attr ora.node1.vip ) ]  [6]  최길호 2008/09/16 34326
Tool  ociuldr 입니다. 유용하게 사용할 수 있을듯 합니다. [linux gcc, aix cc]   [1]  최길호 2010/01/27 34115
Troubleshoot  event enq: SQ - contention [ enqueue lock ]     최길호 2010/07/11 33944
Troubleshoot  create ctxsys [ 9i,10g ]    최길호 2011/04/16 33869
Troubleshoot  dbca LRM-00123 ORA-01078    최길호 2010/11/25 33860
Troubleshoot  ORA-04052 ORA-12154 IMP-00098: INTERNAL ERROR: impccr2    최길호 2009/04/01 33603
Troubleshoot  ORA-00600: 내부 오류 코드, 인수 : [12333], [12], [50], [48], [], [], [], []    최길호 2010/03/24 33350
Install and Config  11g 기본 설치 script [ create database script , 10g 가능 ]    최길호 2009/07/07 33275
Troubleshoot  /usr/lib/pa20_64/dld.sl: Unable to find library 'libsqlplus.sl' 'libwtc9.sl' 'libclntsh.sl.10.1'    최길호 2010/05/07 33183
Troubleshoot  ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [kghlkaftf()+128], ORA-00470: LGWR process terminated with error    최길호 2009/12/07 33091
Troubleshoot  opatch rollback후 OUI-67076    최길호 2007/07/11 33017
Troubleshoot  ORA-12705: Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment specified    최길호 2010/10/01 32968
Tuning  DECODE 조건을 Index 사용할 수 있도록 SQL 변경    최길호 2010/05/11 32959
Script  login alter session 적용 [ trigger , alter session , 10046 event ]    최길호 2009/06/04 32901
Application Server  opmn java.lang.OutOfMemoryError 대처    최길호 2005/06/16 32867
Troubleshoot  HPUX, ORA-09968: scumnt: unable to lock file  [1]  최길호 2008/02/20 32666

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