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ORA-19909: datafile 1 belongs to an orphan incarnation
최길호 [LIST]   2021-09-17 20:19:02, 조회 : 350

-- 원인 : 1차 test resetlog archivelog를 catalog에 넣어서 발생
RMAN> catalog start with '/backup/arch/';

SYS@db10g> recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;
ORA-00283: recovery session canceled due to errors
ORA-19909: datafile 1 belongs to an orphan incarnation
ORA-01110: data file 1: '/backup/oradata/db10g/system.001.dbf'

ALTER DATABASE RECOVER  database using backup controlfile until cancel
Media Recovery Start
Warning: Recovery target destination is in a sibling branch
of the controlfile checkpoint. Recovery will only recover
changes to datafiles.
Datafile 1 (ckpscn 16687906561110) is orphaned on incarnation#=4
Fri Sep 17 19:23:16 KST 2021
Media Recovery failed with error 19909
ORA-283 signalled during: ALTER DATABASE RECOVER  database using backup controlfile until cancel  ...

controlfile restore / recover database using backup controlfile until cancel;


제목 작성자 작성일 조회
Install and Config  ASM Filter / asmcmd afd_label / asmcmd afd_lslbl / 설치전 asm disk    최길호 2021/10/07 288
Troubleshoot  sqlplus: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found    최길호 2021/10/06 692
Troubleshoot  19c _optimizer_cost_based_transformation off bug [ SR 확인 ] lv:9   최길호 2021/10/05 889
Troubleshoot  ORA-12609: TNS: Receive timeout occurred    최길호 2021/10/03 1009
Troubleshoot  EXP-00083: The previous problem occurred when calling SYS.DBMS_AUTO_TASK_EXPORT.system_info_exp    최길호 2021/10/02 796
Troubleshoot  grid 19c crsctl start has / CRS-41053 / Infrastructure has 재구축    최길호 2021/10/01 834
Troubleshoot  ORA-04036: PGA memory used by the instance exceeds PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT    최길호 2021/09/30 277
Admin  alter table add column large table [ 11gR2 부터 빠르다 ]    최길호 2021/09/29 261
Troubleshoot  ORA-15411 alter diskgroup data2 offline disks in failgroup fg1 / alter diskgroup data2 add failgroup fg1    최길호 2021/09/29 486
Troubleshoot  alter diskgroup data1 add failgroup fg1 DISK '/dev/sdb' name DATA1_0000 / drop disk    최길호 2021/09/28 3969
Install and Config  create diskgroup data1 normal redundancy failgroup fg1 disk    최길호 2021/09/28 311
Troubleshoot  [INS-30525] Insufficient number of failure groups specified for Normal Redundancy level.    최길호 2021/09/28 292
Troubleshoot  PRVG-11095 : The TCP system call "connect" failed with error "113"    최길호 2021/09/28 342
Troubleshoot  ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [tsdrv1-Bug#24841100]    최길호 2021/09/25 346
Install and Config  ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)    최길호 2021/09/24 315
Troubleshoot  ORA-12805 Parallel Query Server Died    최길호 2021/09/23 370

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