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[INS-30525] Insufficient number of failure groups specified for Normal Redundancy level.
최길호 [LIST]   2021-09-28 17:36:21, 조회 : 291

-- External Redundancy / ASM Disk 1G X2 : GRID 설치 가능
-- Normal Redundancy / ASM Disk 1G X3 : GRID 설치 가능 [ failure groups 이름 없이 3개 또는 group 3개 만들고 1개씩 Disk 선택 ]
[INS-30525] Insufficient number of failure groups specified for Normal Redundancy level.
Action For a disk group with Normal redundancy level at least 3 unique failure groups should be configured.
Oracle recommends a minimum of three failure groups for normal redundancy disk groups and five failure groups for high redundancy disk groups to maintain the necessary number of copies of the Partner Status Table (PST) and to ensure robustness with respect to storage hardware failures.

fdisk -l |grep dev | sort

/dev/sds grid1
/dev/sdt grid2
/dev/sdu grid3


제목 작성자 작성일 조회
Install and Config  ASM Filter / asmcmd afd_label / asmcmd afd_lslbl / 설치전 asm disk    최길호 2021/10/07 288
Troubleshoot  sqlplus: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14' not found    최길호 2021/10/06 692
Troubleshoot  19c _optimizer_cost_based_transformation off bug [ SR 확인 ] lv:9   최길호 2021/10/05 889
Troubleshoot  ORA-12609: TNS: Receive timeout occurred    최길호 2021/10/03 1009
Troubleshoot  EXP-00083: The previous problem occurred when calling SYS.DBMS_AUTO_TASK_EXPORT.system_info_exp    최길호 2021/10/02 796
Troubleshoot  grid 19c crsctl start has / CRS-41053 / Infrastructure has 재구축    최길호 2021/10/01 833
Troubleshoot  ORA-04036: PGA memory used by the instance exceeds PGA_AGGREGATE_LIMIT    최길호 2021/09/30 277
Admin  alter table add column large table [ 11gR2 부터 빠르다 ]    최길호 2021/09/29 261
Troubleshoot  ORA-15411 alter diskgroup data2 offline disks in failgroup fg1 / alter diskgroup data2 add failgroup fg1    최길호 2021/09/29 486
Troubleshoot  alter diskgroup data1 add failgroup fg1 DISK '/dev/sdb' name DATA1_0000 / drop disk    최길호 2021/09/28 3969
Install and Config  create diskgroup data1 normal redundancy failgroup fg1 disk    최길호 2021/09/28 310
Troubleshoot  [INS-30525] Insufficient number of failure groups specified for Normal Redundancy level.    최길호 2021/09/28 291
Troubleshoot  PRVG-11095 : The TCP system call "connect" failed with error "113"    최길호 2021/09/28 342
Troubleshoot  ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [tsdrv1-Bug#24841100]    최길호 2021/09/25 346
Install and Config  ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)    최길호 2021/09/24 315
Troubleshoot  ORA-12805 Parallel Query Server Died    최길호 2021/09/23 370

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