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hpux tusc process monitor
최길호 [LIST]   2010-12-29 10:02:01, 조회 : 3,911

/usr/local/bin/tusc -p 12345
Usage: tusc [-<options>] <command [args ...]> -OR- <pid [pid ...]>
        -a: show exec arguments
        -A: append to output file
        -b bsize: dump 'bsize' max bytes (-r/-w)
        -B start[/stop]: show targets of taken-branches
        -c: count syscalls instead of printing trace
        -C: like -c but also print high/low/average stats
        -d [+][!][fd | all]: select only syscalls using fd
        -e: show environment variables
        -E: show syscall entries
        -f: follow forks
        -F: show kernel's ttrace feature level
        -g: don't attach to members of my session
        -h: show state of all processes when idle
        -i: don't display interruptible syscalls
        -I start[/stop]: single-step and show instructions
        -k: keep alive (wait for *all* processes)
        -l: print lwpids
        -L [!]lwps: [un]select these lwps
        -n: print process names
        -o [file|fd]: send trace output to file or fd
        -p: print pids
        -Q: be quiet about some warnings
        -r [!][fd | all]: dump read buffers
        -R: show syscall restarts
        -s [!]syscalls: [un]select these syscalls
        -S [!]signals: [un]select these signals
        -t: detach process if it becomes traced
        -T timestamp: print time stamps
        -u: print user thread IDs (pthreads)
        -v: verbose (some system calls only)
        -V: print version
        -w [!][fd | all]: dump write buffers
        -x: print raw (hex) arguments
        -X: print data in an exportable format
        -y: register verbosity (with -I)
        -z: only show failing syscalls


제목 작성자 작성일 조회
Linux  linux lvm mirror    최길호 2011/05/16 4184
Linux  filesystem type 확인 [ parted /dev/sde1 "print" ]    최길호 2011/05/08 3608
Linux  grep -iE "fail|Err" # 대소문자 구분 없이 or 연산    최길호 2011/05/07 3542
Linux  linux virus [ f,i,ls,netstat,ps,ssh,sshd,t.txt(16934개 ip list)]  lv:7   최길호 2011/05/05 2446
Windows  windows7 ping 1521 port enable [ netsh advfirewall 1521]    최길호 2011/05/03 3653
Windows  VPN Network Drive Link Fail [ 시스템 오류 53이(가) 생겼습니다. ]    최길호 2011/04/20 27185
Linux  linux fuser -km /mnt, lsof 파일 사용중인 프로세스 확인    최길호 2011/04/09 3638
Linux  linux 매일 20시즘 SCSI error 발생 [Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 6)]  [7]  최길호 2011/04/09 4167
Linux    [re] linux 매일 20시즘 SCSI error 발생 [Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 6)]  lv:7   최길호 2011/06/16 2246
Windows  cmd (command line) 바탕 화면등에 바로가기 (.lnk) 만들기 ( mklink / shortcut.exe ) [ 링크 ln ]     최길호 2011/04/02 16291
UNIX  ssh auto login script    최길호 2011/04/01 4986
UNIX  unix for    최길호 2011/03/25 4372
Linux  reboot fast reboot [ touch /fastboot ]    최길호 2011/03/18 3387
UNIX  ftp Passive Mode test    최길호 2011/03/17 12709
UNIX  Automating Database Startup and Shutdown on Linux [ chkconfig --add ]    최길호 2011/03/01 3179
Windows  2003 server Memory 8G boot.ini /PAE    최길호 2011/02/26 3450
UNIX  vi 화면 이동 [ H M L z z. z-]    최길호 2011/02/01 3289

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