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-- 모든 테이블
최길호 [LIST]   2016-10-02 11:25:37, 조회 : 1,091

v$parameter 는 없다.. ㅠㅠ

-- 모든 테이블
select 'select count(1) from '||a.user_name||'.'||b.table_name||';'
FROM system_.sys_users_ a, system_.sys_tables_ b WHERE a.user_id = b.user_id;

select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_TABLES_;                                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_COLUMNS_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_TABLE_ID;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_USER_ID;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_INDEX_ID;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_CONSTRAINT_ID;                                                        
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_REPL_HOST_NO;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_TABLE_PARTITION_ID;                                                    
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_INDEX_PARTITION_ID;                                                    
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_DIRECTORY_ID;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.NEXT_DATABASE_LINK_ID;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_DATABASE_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_USERS_;                                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_DN_USERS_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_TBS_USERS_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_INDICES_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_INDEX_COLUMNS_;                                                        
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_CONSTRAINTS_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_CONSTRAINT_COLUMNS_;                                                    
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PROCEDURES_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PROC_PARAS_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PROC_PARSE_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PROC_RELATED_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_TRIGGERS_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_TRIGGER_STRINGS_;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_TRIGGER_UPDATE_COLUMNS_;                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_TRIGGER_DML_TABLES_;                                                    
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_LOBS_;                                                                  
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPLICATIONS_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPL_HOSTS_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPL_ITEMS_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPL_OLD_ITEMS_;                                                        
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPL_OLD_COLUMNS_;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPL_OLD_INDICES_;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPL_OLD_INDEX_COLUMNS_;                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPL_RECOVERY_INFOS_;                                                  
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_REPL_OFFLINE_DIR_;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PRIVILEGES_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_GRANT_SYSTEM_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_GRANT_OBJECT_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_XA_HEURISTIC_TRANS_;                                                    
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_VIEWS_;                                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_VIEW_PARSE_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_VIEW_RELATED_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_DIRECTORIES_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_SYNONYMS_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_DUMMY_;                                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_COLUMNS_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_USER_COLUMNS_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_SRS_;                                                                  
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_PROJCS_;                                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_PROJECTIONS_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_GEOGCS_;                                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_GEOCCS_;                                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_DATUMS_;                                                                
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_ELLIPSOIDS_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.STO_PRIMEMS_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PART_TABLES_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PART_INDICES_;                                                          
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_TABLE_PARTITIONS_;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_INDEX_PARTITIONS_;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PART_KEY_COLUMNS_;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PART_LOBS_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_DATABASE_LINKS_;                                                        
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_COMMENTS_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_DATA_PORTS_;                                                            
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_SECURITY_;                                                              
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_ENCRYPTED_COLUMNS_;                                                    
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PASSWORD_HISTORY_;                                                      
select count(1) from SYSTEM_.SYS_PASSWORD_LIMITS_;


제목 작성자 작성일 조회
Admin  dbf 위치 확인 / 삭제 / create database [$ server create MS949 UTF8 ] / 서비스 시작    최길호 2020/10/08 262
Troubleshoot  [FAILURE] Unable to invoke the open() function on [/home/altibase/altibase-HDB-server-6.1.1-2/logs/logfile100]    최길호 2020/10/07 343
Admin  주소 iloader in [ csv data import ]    최길호 2020/10/07 271
Admin  altibase replication test    최길호 2016/11/17 1846
Backup & Recovery  hot backup script [ alter database backup database to '/backup/'; ]    최길호 2016/10/02 1181
Admin  -- 모든 테이블    최길호 2016/10/02 1091
Admin  [ERR-110A4 : Backup in progress. Please wait until the current backup is completed.]    최길호 2016/10/02 746
Admin  Sybase IQ 15.2 evaluation software    최길호 2013/08/21 2875
Admin  alter database rename datafile    최길호 2013/07/27 4149
Backup & Recovery  aexport lv:9   최길호 2013/07/22 1346
Admin  alter tablespace ts_disk1 alter datafile '/altibase/6.1/dbs/tbs_disk1_200.dbf' autoextend on next 200m maxsize unlimited;    최길호 2013/04/13 2784
Troubleshoot  [FAILURE] The data file '/altibase/6.1/dbs/SYS_TBS_MEM_DIC-0-0' has an invalid header. lv:9   최길호 2013/04/11 1382
Troubleshoot  oracle to altibase data type 호환     최길호 2013/04/05 2892
Admin  getdata.sql [ 오라클, 알티베이스 마이그레이션 내용 ] lv:9   최길호 2013/04/05 1299
Admin [ NLS_DATE_FORMAT = ]    최길호 2013/04/04 13604
Admin  altibase 교육 자료 lv:4   최길호 2013/04/03 1496

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