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Description: Customer Service for account and billing questions and access to the AWS Community Forums.
Price: Included

Use case: Experimenting with AWS
Description: One primary contact may ask technical questions through Support Center and get a response within 12–24 hours during local business hours.
Price: Starts at $29/month (scales based on usage)

Use case: Production use of AWS
Description: 24x7 support by phone and chat, 1-hour response to urgent support cases, and help with common third-party software. Full access to AWS Trusted Advisor for optimizing your AWS infrastructure, and access to the AWS Support API for automating your support cases and retrieving Trusted Advisor results.
Price: Starts at $100/month (scales based on usage)

Use case: Mission-critical use of AWS
Description: All the features of the Business support plan, plus an assigned Technical Account Manager (TAM) who provides proactive guidance and best practices to help plan, develop, and run your AWS solutions, a Support Concierge who provides billing and account analysis and assistance, access to Infrastructure Event Management to support product launches, seasonal promotions/events, and migrations, and 15-minute response to critical support cases with prioritized case handling.
Price: Starts at $15,000/month (scales based on usage)

If you select this option, customer support will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your needs and finalize the signup. Support resources will be available when signup is finalized, and no charges will be incurred until that time.
To explore all features and benefits of AWS Support, including plan comparisons and pricing samples, click here.


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 보이스피싱 / 범죄 건수가 보여 줍니다.    최길호 2021/12/16 166
 이재명을 지지합니다~ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)    최길호 2021/07/18 252
 2021년 MART 선물    최길호 2020/12/29 303
 마블링의 음모 A1++ [ 기름 덩어리 최저 품질 ]    최길호 2020/09/14 472
 PostgreSQL 시작    최길호 2020/06/06 415
 <그날, 바다> 스핀오프 유령선 [ 짧지만 잼있다~ / 많이 봐주세요~ ]     최길호 2020/04/25 437
 2017 OCM 11g 합격~♡   [2]  최길호 2017/08/05 1449 메모    최길호 2016/09/23 5145
 2016 OCM 11g 준비중...    최길호 2016/04/12 3188
 부고(訃告)  [1]  관리자 2014/05/12 12477
 DNS Server 불안으로 서비스 장애 발생 했습니다.    최길호 2014/04/06 2635
 TV조선-조선일보, 채널A-동아일보 '5.18 왜곡 방송'    최길호 2013/05/21 2901
 사용자 등록 공지 [ 가입을 환영 합니다. ]    관리자 2012/11/26 2946
 로그인 하지 않는 사용자 삭제 됩니다.    관리자 2012/04/07 2993
 DB2 개시판 추가 했습니다.    관리자 2012/04/07 3224
 최길호 사용자 검색 차단    관리자 2011/10/09 3694
 인텔 코어i7 980 , 24G 구입  [3]  최길호 2011/09/29 13181

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